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It’s that time of year again and I’m sure that, like me, you are looking forward to the festive party season.  You may have a brand new outfit to wear – or even two! – but what about a new hairstyle too?

Here are some fun ideas to get you in the party mood:

Curls and Waves.  Curls and waves are the ideal party look.  They are both versatile and stylish while suiting practically any hair length or type.  I love the way you can use them to create a really glamorous style or go for a more relaxed look.

Classic Updo.  An updo is absolutely perfect for medium to long hair.  The result is a glamorous party hairstyle.  Variety is king here with oversized buns or the tousled, loose look.  Whichever you choose, you are bound to make a grand party entrance.

I am a strong advocate of the Moroccanoil hair treatment range and am proud to offer their products for sale.

The not-so secret ingredient in their products is argan oil.  Co-founder of the company Carmen Tal tells a story of being abroad and receiving a disastrous colouring session.  

She underwent a treatment using argan oil which transformed her hair instantaneously, completely revitalising it.  It went from its damaged state to being shiny, smooth and manageable again.

Argan oil has since become the signature ingredient in Moroccanoil products.

I am always on the lookout for ways to improve the experience of our customers at Pazazz which is why I am particularly excited about our latest innovation.
Take a look at our new stylist chairs! 

I have personally tested the chairs and can confirm that they are as comfortable as they look!  As you can see they are fitted with their own backwash units for convenience during hair washing.