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If I had to choose the most important piece of equipment in the salon I’d have no hesitation in naming a pair of hairdressing scissors.

Aka haircutting scissors, hair shears or barber shears, the history of this most simple but crucial tool is a fascinating one.

It is generally accepted that the first authenticated pair of scissors dates back to Egypt, around 1500 BC.  They may not have been used to cut hair, however, as knives were pretty ubiquitous and probably did the job back then.

Over the years scissors have adapted to various uses and today you can find pairs specifically made to cut paper, wire, cardboard, fabrics and even bandages.

Our hairdressing scissors come in differing sizes, with blades usually ranging between 5 and 7 inches long.  Commonly they have an appendage known as a finger brace or tang which is attached to the ring finger.  This allows the user greater control and gives extra power to the cut.

In addition there are specialised pairs of hairdressing scissors, such as thinning and texturizing scissors, as well as razor shears which can be used to help sculpt hair.

Humble a pair of scissors may be but for the hairstylist they are a vital piece of haircutting equipment.