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I am a strong advocate of the Moroccanoil hair treatment range and am proud to offer their products for sale.

The not-so secret ingredient in their products is argan oil.  Co-founder of the company Carmen Tal tells a story of being abroad and receiving a disastrous colouring session.  

She underwent a treatment using argan oil which transformed her hair instantaneously, completely revitalising it.  It went from its damaged state to being shiny, smooth and manageable again.

Argan oil has since become the signature ingredient in Moroccanoil products.

I am always on the lookout for ways to improve the experience of our customers at Pazazz which is why I am particularly excited about our latest innovation.
Take a look at our new stylist chairs! 

I have personally tested the chairs and can confirm that they are as comfortable as they look!  As you can see they are fitted with their own backwash units for convenience during hair washing.

It used to be that men considered grooming to be having a shave and getting a haircut.  Today there is firm evidence showing that men are getting the message, taking pride in their appearance are heading for beauty treatments as well.

The Independent recently reported that there has been huge growth in the retail of men’s skincare and hair products.  It is estimated, for example, that the men’s grooming industry will turnover a staggering $21 billion worldwide in 2016.

Not only are hair and skin product sales up but more men are visiting beauty salons.  A recent survey by Salon Services, professional hairdressing and beauty suppliers, found that 25% of salon customers in 2015 were men.  

I am pleased to say that there is good news for the men of Gloucester who can head on down to Pazazz Hair Studio to not only get a sharp haircut but also a selection of beauty treatments.  Sarah runs Butterflies Beauty Therapy from the salon and is happy to carry out a variety of treatments for men.