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If I had to choose the most important piece of equipment in the salon I’d have no hesitation in naming a pair of hairdressing scissors.

Aka haircutting scissors, hair shears or barber shears, the history of this most simple but crucial tool is a fascinating one.

It is generally accepted that the first authenticated pair of scissors dates back to Egypt, around 1500 BC.  They may not have been used to cut hair, however, as knives were pretty ubiquitous and probably did the job back then.

Over the years scissors have adapted to various uses and today you can find pairs specifically made to cut paper, wire, cardboard, fabrics and even bandages.

Our hairdressing scissors come in differing sizes, with blades usually ranging between 5 and 7 inches long.  Commonly they have an appendage known as a finger brace or tang which is attached to the ring finger.  This allows the user greater control and gives extra power to the cut.

In addition there are specialised pairs of hairdressing scissors, such as thinning and texturizing scissors, as well as razor shears which can be used to help sculpt hair.

Humble a pair of scissors may be but for the hairstylist they are a vital piece of haircutting equipment.

I’m often asked this question as washing your hair it is one of the basic ways of caring and protecting your hair.

Up until the start of the twentieth century it wasn’t a question many people asked.  Then came the rise of consumerism and the widespread use of shampoo grew as advertisements began appearing.  I was amused to read that the New York Times advised its female readers that they should really be washing their hair every two weeks, instead of monthly as had been the normal practice up until then.  

The basic fact is that your hair becomes greasy because of a build-up of an oil called sebum.  This oil allows dirt to cling to your hair and shampoo is used to wash that dirt away.

How often you need to use shampoo, however, will depend on your hair style and type.

I am pleased to announce that our fully qualified Beauty Therapist, Sarah, from Butterflies Beauty Therapy, has released a brand new range of products, treatments and related pricing.  And there really is something for everyone!

Firstly, there is a range of anti-aging facials powered by the technology of the Elemis professional treatments.  Also on offer, are treatments using the Elemis Biotec machine for facials and skin.  Elemis products are available for skin solution and skin specific facials.

For hair removal Sarah offers a variety of waxing techniques plus electrolysis for long term results.  Treat yourself to a deluxe manicure or pedicure or indulge yourself with a Gelcolor manicure or pedicure lasting up to two weeks.   

Why not try one of our fantastic massages?  Sarah offers some great packages, including Mother to Be, Ultimate Indulgence and a Wedding Package.  There are a variety of holistic treats and reflexology courses too.

Sarah hasn’t forgotten the younger generation and has a selection of sessions with teens in mind.

Other services include ear piercing, eye lash extensions, tanning and tinting.

So why not relax, pamper and indulge yourself.  Give Sarah a call on 07845 536001 and arrange an appointment.